Automation is that thing that is spreading like fire in the woods in today's world. It is true that automation has not yet touched its heights so there is an increase in the employment rate in the automation field for all tech enthusiasts. But this opportunity will last no longer than some years or maybe just a decade. With the growing technology growth of automation is also exponentially increasing each and every year. If this growth remains growing then there can be a major threat to much human employment. For now, people become really excited when they apply any means of automation in their profession but this excitement is soon gonna make these people dormant. If you are a tech lover and ever watched Doraemon in your childhood you may have seen the movie where Doraemon and his friends visit a world where people are totally paralyzed and can't move their limbs and legs only and only because they have no work to do and everything is done by machines. I won't say this exact same thing going to happen but if this continues there might be some I'll effect of this materialistic automated world. Years back in Banglore a robot made a successful surgery on a human without any human doctors' help this and many other causes can be the reason and a hint for the world leaning towards automation. In 2018 movie named Jhonny English: Strikes Again shows us how technology has major loopholes with which any person can be easily destroyed in seconds so we shouldn't be that dependent on tech, technology should be used as a helping hand but not as a helping man. 

Human V/s Machine?

        The above scenario as I explained doesn't say that there will be some kind of sci-fi battle between humans and machines. I don't know about World War 3, 4, 5, and so on but I am pretty sure there will be some kind of fight against those who support automation. These fights can be at any scale as I cannot say the future in a clear sense. Whales like Elon Musk urges others to compete for the growth of automation but I say this ain't no good for humanity until and unless this is under the limit.