Internet Disadvantages 

           Internet is a very crucial element in every persons life but still it has lots of disadvantages tightly stick to it . As we all know that web surfing is the main reason and the element of internet and when it comes to web only 10 - 20 % of the web is being indexed on the floating web other 80% of the web is the web which is not indexed or publicly available.

Dark Web

             When we call deep & dark web the image that comes to our mind is all negative like killings , drug dealing , smuggling and all other illegal stuff . But do you know there are some source and sites that are good and legal to visit and legal to use it for all , sites such as ProtonMail ( Which helps you to keep your emails secured and anonymous ) , Hidden Clubs ( Where you can share your thoughts ) and many more . When we look a the surface web we think that there are no illegal things going out here but still you are wrong as there are sites that are illegal to visit yet they are available on the surface web like Not Evil and many more ( I can't reveal all those on this site hope you understand ) . According to the survey by officials it is  said that almost 80% of the college - Graduation students watch Porn out of which 40% watch Rape Porn , 30 out of 80% of students are porn addicts . Almost 20% of teens ( not a clear data ) visit dark web out of curiosity out of which some get caught too . With all these data we can clearly see that there are very few people who are internet experts and know how to use internet wisely . Many of the youths just get misguided by others and some do it out curiosity but in a wrong way . 


                      As said I won't be targeting specific country for this but like wise as we can see there are lot of people which not only includes Teens and students but adults too . So with the growing demand of internet frauds , illegal activities , cyber bullying and many other cyber terrorisms will also be increasing simultaneously . To stop or to at least reduce this problem there will be an internet professional soon . Cyber Police help people who become Victims online on the other hand an Internet professional will be the one who will be educating people personally how to use the internet wisely and profitably before they get victimized by the culprit . As for now there are many software out in market that will you alert of some bad thing . But nothing is better than discussing the problem face to face . So in the near future " Internet Professional " can be the stream for which internet knowledge is the must  , This will not only educate lots of people but also scale your skill to a new level of profession  .