Qubits - Quantum Bits  

           Qubits as mentioned earlier are the replacements of bits in the quantum computer. In normal classic computers, the smallest value of data is measured by bits whereas in quantum computers it is termed as the qubits. As we saw last time in quantum computers due to the system named superposition of the photons the value of the qubit can be 1 and 0 both at the same time the equation form of this behavior of the photon is coined as ψ⟩ = α∣0⟩ + β∣1⟩

Theory of  "Parallel Dimension" - 

          Qubits show the nature of superposition which is the prime example or you can call it the model of "Parallel Dimension", how? Due to superposition the the qubit can have 1 and 0 both at the same time so this shows that in qubit distribution one of the photons is in X dimension with the value "1" and at the same time, the other photon is in X dimension with the value "0" both at the same time. Further, both the photons collide at an intersecting point where it get a common one value and that value is registered in one of the collectors 0 or 1. As in this case due to intersection, only one collector collects the photon either it is 1 or 0. To justify the parallel dimension interference of photons, the obstruction method is used. For now, it is quite confusing to know what actually this all means so follow the given below video to know this thing in detail.