Haptic Mechanism
 Mechanism of a haptic device

      Lifting mechanism or you can also say it as mechanism used in a haptic device , if you have actively read all my haptic related content you may have know why haptics are used . As of haptics are normally used to fell the digitally occurred objects ( in short it is a digital transducer )  , like in VR game you can feel the gun attack from the haptic motion inside the device . Haptics are used in many devices like Play Stations , Mobile Phones , VR controllers , Smart Watches , Vehicle sensors and many other necessary gadgets . As haptic is used in many gadgets like wise there is no standard haptic mechanism pattern in every gadgets it varies gadgets to gadgets and also varies by time too . In earlier times the haptic mechanism were to complex to understand and also manual as sensors were not up to mark . The mechanism were big and complicated to handle and we're also not accurate in making user sense . Motors were the primary actuator used , as the electrical signals hit the given mechanism runs the motor this helps to make haptic feedbacks . 

Haptic mechanism used in devices now -

Linear Resonator Actuator
Pic credit - peizo.com

          As shown above is the haptic mechanism LRA ( linear resonator actuator ) normally used in many of the smart phones and these type of haptic feedback mechanism give the effect only in one direction / axis like in x axis or z axis or y axis it all depends on the arrangements .

Eccentric Rotating Mass
Pic credit - peizo.com

            In this above given haptic mechanism is the ERM ( Eccentric Rotating Mass ) kind of mechanism which gives the haptic feedback in 2 different axis / direction like x and y axis or z and y axis or x and z axis . Again it all depends on the arrangements done in the device . ERM is also said as the Pager  📟 Mechanism as it was actually founded for the use in pager and now a days these mechanisms is still used as the advanced mechanism in many smart phones like iPhone where the device is said as the taptic feedback not the haptic feedback . 

              As said haptic nowadays don't come with complex structure instead haptic sheets are produced which are consisted of ERMs as soon as the electric impulse apply pressure on the peizo electric case it spontaneously give out the energy in the form of haptic feedback . This just like our brain responding in a sudden way . 
Haptic Feedback

       Now a days with the help of transducer waves which are made to release from the haptic device due to which we can use computer or any mobile keypad on air without touching the object . As this is possible as the transducer waves make a pattern on the mid air which will make you feel the object and by that way you can easily operate many gadgets without even touching if physically . This literally make you feel like the iron man shooting .Thus the whole haptic mechanism works like .