Haptic controller
 Haptic Controller Chip (@Amazon)

      Low cost haptics are easy to find and are also recommended to use for experimental basis . Its too easy to construct any low cost haptic device on your own , as far as making that device everything is literally premade and we have just connect everything right and you will get your first haptic device made at a very low cost . By the way while building a haptic device get to know that there are 2 types of haptic devices 
1. Contact Haptics 
2. Non-Contact Haptics 

1. Contact Haptics - 

       Contact Haptics are those haptics which gives you the haptic feedback when our skin is in contact to the device or that gadget . For the general example to build our own haptic device for the very first we have to get a vibrator motor and a haptic controller chip which will hardly cost $10 - $15 ( Rs 710 - Rs 1050 ) . Now the only thing we have to do is to connect these actuator with the touch sensor and your cheap little haptic interface is ready to test out . 

2. Non-Contact Haptics -  

         Non-Contact Haptics are those devices which give the sense of vibration or the sense of real object with the help of transducer waves ( as I discussed last time ) . Non-contact based haptics are more sophisticated systems than contact based haptics. The transducer waves must be controlled accurately. In order for these systems to identify user intent and change, they additionally require gesture recognition and hand motion tracking (Leap sensor?) for the systems to recognize user intent and adjust the waves as neededThese can be used in VR headsets to give the virtual item with which the user is engaging in the virtual world a tactile feel. We need to combine haptics with AR or Holographic technologies if we wish to give controls that are not physically present. That's the reason we cannot fully say that this haptic type is not a cheap haptic project .