GeForce Experience
Enable Virtual Reality in GPU

     Enabling Virtual Reality in any computer is not that difficult , as it is simple and it is so simple that it don't even need any efforts to start working. Graphics Card nowadays are made too smart to understand the game architecture and game physics . When we Specify Nvidia graphic cards they use deep learning , AI in their graphic technology due to which we don't have to manually set our GPU to VR mode or something like that . Normally we can play VR games on any GPU but we see normally all VR games have the minimum specs to have is GTX 1060 . This is because any other card can't handle the high end VR console that are required to play on pc and also graphics pixelation is different from the normal games . Not only that Nvidia GeForce Experience shows that GTX 1060 is the lowest end graphic card for VR gaming . Why GTX ? This is because GTX cards are game improvement drivers (G- Sync , ANSEL  , VR ready driver )  that help you to seamlessly play VR games on your pc .  

Enable VR on GPU

      So to play VR game on any computer you don't have to manually switch it but have to play it directly with your VR headset attached to your computer and set for VR gaming on Nvidia Control Panel for a better performance