Virtual Reality

  Virtual Reality 2.0 V/S Virtual Reality 6.0  

       The difference between Virtual Reality 2.0 and Virtual Reality 6.0 is not much distinguishable for now. As of now only Virtual Reality 2.0 is possible as virtual reality 2.0 means virtual reality + Web 2.0 ( web apps or web related page which is easy to access by people ) forms Virtual Reality 2.0 ( VR 2.0 ). By knowing about this fact you may have got to know that what is really VR 2.0, is nothing but the virtual reality app or game which runs online on a particular web page or a website. VR 2.0 requires Unity and VR plugins to build a VR game or app online. You can try our VR games online by clicking in here (below link).

      An online platform named  helps people to conduct Virtual reality sessions online by creating rooms just like google meet but in using VR. Institutes like MIT, Stanford University, and many used the method on Second Life to conduct their lectures online. Talking of VR 6.0 there is no such particular launch of this online VR version, so for now there no much to differentiate. To know in detail you can refer to the following Ebook down below.  
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