Space x
                                                   Pic Source- Google | Pic Credit- abc7

         Space X breaks the record on Sunday by launching 143 satellites in one 1 shot . On 8th of January Elon Musk's subsidiary company Tesla entered India , Bangalore with the range of  Electric cars . Yesterday Musk's Space X broke India's record (of launching 104 satellites in 1 shot) by Launching 143 satellites by their recently built reusable space machine Flacon 9

       According to the ISRO's tracking the launch was carried on 8:13pm IST from Transporter 1 , The lift off at Cape Canaveral Florida , and at some point the rocket just crossed the paths over India too according to the ISRO's Telemetry


      After 10min from liftoff , Space X recovered the first stage again on the Drone Ship " Of Course I Still Love You " based in Atlantic Ocean . The deploying of the satellites started after 90 min of the launch . According to source Space X offered the price of $15000 per kg for each satellite to be delivered to the polar sun synchronous orbit .

     After 90 minutes Space X started deploying all the satellites with different roles in the span of 1 second . The 143 satellites also included commercial and government's CubeSats , MicroSats and 10 Starlink satellites. Week before Elon musk made an open task on twitter where he said to make a some carbon capture technology like thing for vehicles for that he would be donating of $100 million .

Details will be announced next week on Musk's twitter handle.