Neeva trying to takedown Google ?


       Neeva an Ad Free search engine to arrive soon by two of the former google executives Sridhar Ramaswamy & Vivek Raghunathan are also the IIT Grads are now ready to roll out their new search engine in the middle of this year . It is expected that the search engine will be customer paid or the customer first alternative  .  According to Ramaswamy the used to work in the monetization section of YouTube sats that the ad makes people ruin the experience of watching or reading a content. To improve that they are doing so , but the point comes here that how will the creator get paid for in the search engine will it be just same like duckduckgo which collects all the rank data from Google and rank the site or any other new algorithm will be introduced will have to wait and watch as of till now it is only revealed that the search engine will be ad free . Till now the company has raised upto $37.5 million by Greylock partners , Sequoia and Vivek himself . The good thing is that the company also started their beta version so that you can easily register it like as a pre-order thing where some survey will be taken from you about other search engine so that they can modify it according to the user experience . So if you have any site or not you can just register it from the . So it can be a kind of faceoff for Google by the neeva team .