The Dragon Will Be Ready To Fly!! 

NASA has delayed its launch of the spacex until november as the mission was about to conduct in October 31 but now it will be possibly conducted on November mid announced by NASA itself on saturday . The mission will include 3 NASA astronauts and an an astronaut form Japan's JAXA space agency of Japan .

The six month mission was delayed to give some time to resolve the first stage engine gas generator on the Falcon 9 rocket , as the rocket is made reused after the last mission which ended on 2nd August . When the mission resumes the 3 NASA astronauts Michael Hopkins , Victor Glover and Shannon Walker and also JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi will be aboard for the Space X 's first operational crewed mission to the ISS.


Space X's first crew Dragon Flight the Demo 2 was a test mission that was conducted as a test mission that brought the ISS astronauts Dough Hurley and Bob Behnken in May for two month visit . The Dragon docked with ISS astronaut and returned earth safely on august 2 and reported NASA and gave all the information which were required for certified regular ISS trips aboard in future .  


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