As we talked about the Embodiment technique in our last post. In this post, we are talking about the "live the film " in which we will only be applying one illusion and that is the Place illusion and some vibration effect where we will be using haptics again. With the help of high end hmds we can use the device as the place illusion vr this will be used as such that the films which are worth used in this tech will be strictly sold online and the user will have to purchase to watch the film (and can also watch at your house) will strictly required the oculus or HTC hmd to watch the whole movie in which the whole directed movie will be played in front of user on vr with minimum of 1080p resolution which will give the more effect of place illusion as the scene look more clearly ,the main thing which will give you the whole sense of the place illusion will be that the user can movie scene however he wants the only thing will be the actors will be pre directed so no the scenario will not change but the user can move according to his comfort and in some case the user can also try to walk far away from the scene in that case there will be pre reserved zone and if the user try to walk of the zone he will be again taken back to the same scene spot as there will be a continuous loop formed .

The other way where the user can watch anywhere even sitting but have to use high-end HMD in this the whole thing will be pre-directed which means even if the user wants to move to another place they can't move as the whole movement is pre-recorded and directed. It is like in many theme parks it is there where you have to watch a 3d action kind of pre-directed movie and with some real-life effects they give you the feel of the whole scene that is created in that movie. In both scenarios, the 2 most things that are required are the average haptic effect and the most important is embodiment illusion where at least there should be pre directed body of the vr director or of any dummy body,  but if you have a high budget then the body can be scanned from the haptic suit with the tracker and you can find your own body and you will feel as if you are inside the film.

Another aspect that arises is which kind of movie can be used in this tech is mostly action movies which will keep the users engage in one particular scene and the impact of the action scene can be felt by the vibrations created by the haptics, For eg - the best example is the avenger's endgame's climax scene where there will be user engaging scenes as well as the impact can also be felt in many ways especially when Iron man snaps the finger to end Thanos.

You can also watch this movie too to have fun in VR 😁.


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