Whatsapp recently announced to roll out the voice and video call system from desktop via Whatsappweb and very early it is going to happen worldwide . Till now there is only a brief explanation given by the company and it is very strange to know i.e. " Voice and Video call now is end to end encrypted and company cannot hear it and can't have any track of the calls " . So from now the company will be starting it's one to one calls and will have all the call records tracked in their database system . 

Flaws & Strengths 

               Strength is obviously that when any crime call happens then the investigation team can get the whole recording of the talk and can easily track the criminal . And flaws is again obvious that there won't be any call privacy left on whatsapp anymore . 

How to deal with it ? 

                As many people doing right now and also suggested by Elon Musk to go with the new chat app named Signal made by the former whatsapp makers or to go with Hike which is also a best option to go with . And if you are not a criminal and have faith on you that you won't commit any crime 😜 then go with WhatsApp there won't be any problems and you can use it how you always use it . It's up to you.