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          Denuvo an anti-crack game tool will protect your game from being cracked , but upto what extent is not exactly known . So for the very first to know what Denuvo exactly is .


      As said above Denuvo is a game tool thing which will help your game by getting cracked . What's the problem by getting cracked ? Nothing much but you will just lose couple of sales that can not only drive you into debt but also make you demotivate as no one will be downloading your game for price when they get it for free . Denuvo is an anti-tamper technology ( cracker can't modify the software / game very easily ) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme made in Australia . The first game to get Denuvo protection was Fifa 15 in 2014. Even though it is an anti-crack system yet a Chinese company named 3DM revealed Denuvo getting cracked easily , but soon all the bugs were solved . Denuvo uses technology of 64-bit encryption machine , and also stated that even console exclusive games get P.C. releases due to this technology.


         It was also stated that the technology uses lot of HDD life and suck lot of CPU power which just pushes the limit of the processor . The games with this technology can't be run on low end devices . Not only that the technology also reduces the life-span of SSD and also some of the mid range processors . But with all of the drawbacks yet the chairman scraped up the statements. 


         To protect the game from being cracked it is better to use this tool to increase your game sales and boost up for your next plans . And that's all .