Wind powered cargo ship
   Past is the future (pic credit design boom

      Wind powered cargo ship is the future as said by the Swedish company named OceanBird . As we all know the fact that long time ago people used the wind power to sail the ships and they used the huge synthetic cloth that use to help the sailor to sail in the wind direction easily . Due to wind the sailors didn't use any kind of fuel to run the cargo and this helped the environment to be safe . And with the same method a Swedish cargo company bulit a cargo ship which is a whole driven with the help of the wind energy . Sometimes it is better to go back to old school. The cargo is fully built 200 mt. long and 136mt. big vessel which has the capacity to hold nearly 7000 cars at a time . Till now the cargo has just sailed the Baltic sea as a trial and it made a very safe voyage till now . As the company also said even though the cargo is old school but yet has used future technology too. As the vessels will have engines too but will be kept as the backup . As the motive of the company is to reduce the carbon emissions , and with this they believe to save 90% carbon emissions than compared to other conventional cargos. It is very obvious that it is more commercially feasible and also costs more that other but the operational cost will be lower compared to others . OceanBird takes almost 12 days to sail through the Atlantic Ocean


         The technology of making the OceanBird more lighter and tougher is all inspired by the American racing yatch of America's cup. More accurate wind forecasts will be used to sail in very full swing with the shortest path choosing . The vessel is more likely to come in service by 2023 with the cost of $60 million . The famous carmakers " Renault " are the partners for the designing .