Space X raise billions of dollars

         Space X to raise billions of dollars for the future missions , as we all know the intentions of Elon Musk to make the space visit common . According to the reports the company has raised $850 million in one round which can raise the company share of $ 149 million , the company is worth $ 74 billion for now . They already have another mission named Starlink which helps space agencies to place stattelites and this can provide a very high speed internet facility in near future . Currently the company is also working on the spaceship which can be the rival for SaturnV rocket .  There will be many crashes and blowup of the space trial launches . Thus According to Elon Musk the Starlink alone will require $ 10 billion and having $ 850 million in bank won't hurt the companies economy much . There are many investors who are buying the shares of $420 as they believe the company even thought is fully private will be a future best space company.