Google play music will be deleting all musics from  your play music library . If you are a pro and a daily user of play music than its obvious you may know this but if your unaware of the thing then you can save you library by this article . Almost every android users have their music saved in the play music library and it is very important for to save you audio data as not only music but many of the voice npte you save may also get stored in the play music and at this moment Google is gonna delete all of those data from your library even though you are a paid user or a non paid user and all of this will beade on February 24th 2021 . As we all know about the Google's new Gsuite Rebranding  and some of the storage plans and right now Google is on its way to make people prepare on all these things . As for now only thing that matters to google is its cloud space .

Google play music

  What to do ?

          As given in the pic above you have to take the back-up of all the audios you have saved on the play music cloud to your regular storage (hard disk) or you can also save all those by transferring all you audios to your YouTube music library . As we all know there is an alternative of YouTube music that is YouTube black or the modded version of YouTube available on XDA where you can listen music even if your phones which is same as the real YouTube music app. So to increase the sale of YouTube music it is very obvious that Google is trying to motivate people so that they transfer their music to youtube music library . It's all fine but right now it has become very necessary to use our cloud storage space wisely .