Whatsapp Update comes with certain risks related to privacy , as I said about some major , Unique and important updates that you can get with the upcoming whatsapp updates . But before that on Jan 4 we received a January 2021 update where you get to find a message board about policy that pops up . 

privacy policy

As you can find about some of the things about the privacy changes they have made this time like this time the WhatsApp is totally connected to the Facebook as you can see the business account you hold can also get connected with your Facebook account which means that you data about all your groups , images can get shared with the Facebook data, so it won't be shared publicly but yes your total information will be stored and kept with the Facebook database . It is very true that when you delete your WhatsApp account that doesn't mean that you have deleted every thing out of your account the major information still remains with the Facebook. As this post today is totally inspired by the beebom's video yesterday that said about the WhatsApp privacy , as they mentioned there that WhatsApp can't get to know what messages you send to your friend as they are end to end encrypted but according to me this is no valid left we all know WhatsApp uses TLS communication system that means messages are all stored in its servers . That means the company can easily access the information which are encrypted too. But its obvious it wont check until and unless there is any need to access . And one more thing that is the Ad banners i.e. till the new update WhatsApp always use to say that there wont be any Ad banner on the app but in the latest update we find this ,
Ad banner privacy

with the sentence written above itself says in near future we can see the Ad banners also displayed on WhatsApp as the app is no officially totally connected to the Facebook so if you search for anything ion Facebook then the suggested ad can not only get displayed on Facebook but also on the WhatsApp too.

Some time the ting is relevant as at some circumstances the feature of privacy can help but at the same time for people like us this may get little scary and may find some ones spying on you .