source - gadgets360 | pic credit - D-Link

D-Link introduces with the new USB wifi connector , the device as you can see in the image is just similar to a pendrive easily fits in you pocket . The main thing here is this USB pendrive thing is a freaking wifi connectivity you can easily plug into your laptop or desktop USB port and enjoy the high speed internet . As the device was launched on the grand stage of CES 2021 the expo of next gen gadgets . The pendrive is a USB 3.0 connector which will drastically improve the Data transfer speed than 2.0 & 2.1 , so with this there comes the reveal of the speed of the gadgets that it will provide to any device it can give you 574 Mbps with 2.4Ghz band 1200 Mbps with with 5Ghz band the gadget is made up on the technology using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) and multi-user, multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO) technologies, that can ensure a fast and efficient Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi 6 AI mesh routers D-Link AI M32 and DIR-LX1870 were also launched. According to site called The Verge this gadget is going to be worth $100 that is roughly around ₹7300 in India . 
As said they also launched the wifi AI 6 mesh which also uses the OFDMA technology with MU-MIMO with the AI facility which lets you to have voice recognition and voice control facility which will make your data to day use much fast and easy to access the router . As the company said at CES 2021 the device will provide you with 2.4 Gbps of net speed and also they have promised to have smart roaming technology which will connect you to the strongest signal available in any certain region . According to the reports it is claimed that the router will be available in India for roughly around $250 that is ₹18300 .