Whatsapp back to its older privacy version 😂 which is kind of looks funny . The social giant wanted to increase its connections and improve its ad quality of Facebook by connecting it with their some years ago purchased Bull named whatsapp , so that they can get more leads and double the income . Which is kind of relevant for the business perspective as each and every on use whatsapp as their default messaging app on the mobile devices . But on the other hand this leads to leaking of our whatsapp data with the mainstream Facebook , which is kind of legal data breaching done by Facebook . And also the choices you make will also be shared with Facebook so that you will find such ads on your whatsapp too , as they didn't mentioned that they will be bringing ads but they meant to convey their users like that . So the new data sharing with Facebook update was about to start from February 8 2021 but now after the major drawback they came back to their original privacy policy by announcing it on whatsapp itself by putting some stories as you can see below .


      Because of the messed up privacy policy it created a buzz all over internet by many so called and legit experts to review on the policy on YouTube , Instagram and many other social media platforms . This led people to install other legitimate apps like Signal , Telegram ( crossed 500 million users ) . That too after the recommendation by the real life Tony stark i.e. Elon Musk to use Signal it really gave a hype to the under rated app signal as it is developed by the parent developers of whatsapp . And also many other chat apps like Vibe , Hike also came into the lime light as it is unfortunate that the Hike had to see ya from the internet world .