Whatsapp new updates have some of the best features till now , till now as we all know to get something interesting features of whatsapp some tech nerds use to root phone some use to download some mod version of the app form sites like XDA developers and so. But now whatsapp has such updates which I think some of which are even not in mod version of the app , the update includes features given below .

1. From now onwards whatsapp will have the facility to have multi device support with single phone number .

2. From now not only you can call people through normal WhatsApp mobile app but also you can do normal as well as video call through WhatsApp web and desktop version app too.

3. While uploading video status you can even mute the video and then upload 

4. A " Read Later " feature in which you can join any missed group call whenever you want .

5. And the most important and the unique thing earlier update as we saw the WhatsApp pay feature like same this time you can even purchase insurances of your option through WhatsApp itself so you won't have to go far to any agent to do this .

Some updates like live dp and no word limitation in status can also be enabled soon in upcoming updates as expectations.