recorded future

    Summary -

      Recorded Future is the future of cybersecurity branch . There are are many private companies like Fire-eye and many other similar to the recorded future which provides the cybersecurity services all around the globe . As the company uses the patented machine learning and natural language processing to analyze , collect and to organize the collected data from the open and the dark web . The organization started in 2009 by  Christopher Ahlberg and Staffan Truv√© both Ph.D.s in computer science from Chalmers University of Technology. The company earlier got funded by the major tech giant Google and In-Q-Tel in 2010. The company has some of the best record of analysis like China Vulnerability Database Report , Al-Qaeda report ( in which they stated how the terror group used the cryptography in their plans ) and also Occupy Wall Street Media Report ( which shows that the Iran press tv is the second highest media Influencer after US Media) . 

Insights -

Yesterday itself the cyber-giant tweeted the that about their some of the newest security system and that is called as the SecOps . SecOps is nothing but the security operation that means it is kind of movement where data of various organization is given to the private cybersecurity organization and this will help the organizations to get the best possible security to their data .

                                                               Chart credit - Saltstack

The SecOps of the company collects all the data of the organization and detects all the threat related details and try to not only reduce it but to totally vanish it , which will help the organization to stay protected from the data breaching and getting hacked , recently many of the famous personality got their social media handle hacked due to which it is highly recommended to get your account under safe hands.