Image credit - Fortnite

Fortnite to get Green Arrow as a new guest character this month , as the title says " from one island to another Green Arrow has arrived" the same the game theme is also being set as the character is a guest character for this month . Last month we saw the God of wars very own King "Kratos" to arrive same way this time it's Green arrow . The update just came hours ago so if your a "Fortnite crew" you will not only get Green arrow but also 1000 v bucks of Fortnite with the free game pass toooo.... So it's a big New year surprise for all the Fortnite gamers out there .

 Not only this 2 days before Fortnite also launched some other Disney and marvel characters too like Captain Marvel from marvel and some Disney queen (I guess Jasmine) as the new character for end of year month and for new year . Yet there are some flaws like they should have brought kratos as the new year character as kratos is one of the most hyped and also waited one right now no one gives much damn to any DC hero ( atleast me 😁).