Whatsapp is now more secured than it was before , as we all know about the whatsapp controversy created in past weeks about the security and privacy issues. But after the controversy whatsapp just turned back to its face side and stick to its older privacy policy . And now it is becoming more protective than ever how? Now the company has launched a new update by adding new security level layer and that is non other than the biometric security level . This level of security is specifically and specially introduced for the whatsapp web . Which means till now to login to your whatsapp account through computer was simple just had to scan the barcode and keep your phone's data on and thats it but now you will not only have to scan the barcode but also will have to enter you fingerprint scan or the face recognition scan on your mobile phone and then you are all right to enter your whatsapp account through computer too. 


    Thats not all with this come some new updates too which are not that highlighted but yet it's an update . The first and the most important is the message disappearing features i.e. whatsapp let's you set a kind of timer for your messages till 7 days you can set a timer for message and after the given time the message will automatically disappear from chats . Now you can also custom edit and decorate your videos and pics on the whatsapp itself . And more 2 updates are also being provided which are not that highlighted to discuss about .
Whatsapp updates

Ps. The above given biometric update may or may not be included in this update but it's for sure will be available in upcoming updates 😉.