Pornhub to limit it's upload after the recent reports by New York Times , as they expose some of the things due to which porn company had to make some of the  changes in the content policies . As the report States that there are many uploads which includes many underage girls too . By uploading nonconsensual uploading done by the company now they have some new set of rules which includes that non-authorized uploaders are banned to upload their videos no one is free to upload the videos online only professional and verified pornhub member's videos will be uploaded . And the main thing is that will soon roll out the model members of their own company too. The videos that include illegal and against rules will be directly removed from the site . The company also rolls out the download option from site so that no one can share the paid videos on any unverified sites . The company makes some strict rules by implementing a team called " Red Team " newly formed group on pornhub net which will look through the video verification and increase the moderations and will sweep out all the illegal content from the site which were already uploaded earlier . The statement also says that the company attributes the changes to be made and remove the illegal videos from site on April but the action is being taken 4 days before after the New York Times editor Nicholas Kristof backlashes against the company . The porn company had to take the steps as many of their partners were breaking up their bonds against them . The senior Vice - president and executive director of National Center on Sexual Exploitation Dawn Hawkins stated that there are many videos on underage children and also many sexual assault and sexual harassment videos category like rape and etc were included which are totally against the law and about state the order to totally close the shutters of the company . The payment gateway companies and the online transaction companies like Visa , Mastercard are being ordered to stop their services on the site. The company now pledged to take care of all the major measures and with that said also will submit their first transparency report on 2021 .