Monitoring of corona vaccine is the most important thing for now , as of today vaccination for this brutal disease has become very important task and it is reported that the monitoring of the vaccine is a risky thing all thanks to false reports . According to the ongoing reports going all over the world about the launching of corona vaccine there are also growing false reports regarding the vaccine effect which not only effects people moral and mental ability but also fear of insecurity . For which there is a new program or you can call it as a new system launching this year itself with the lauch of vaccine that is the system called V-Safe which is developed by Centers of Disease Control and prevention (CDC) which will be an online system which will be starting from the first day itself of the vaccine launch . As soon as We take a shot of vaccine the center will provide you a Qr code to scan which will enable the CDC to daily monitor you by surveying the effect of vaccine on you till 12 months .  The same system is also being launched by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) . If any person suffers from any unknown effect after getting vaccine shot then the system official will immediately concern the participant and admitted to the system hospital to give the required medications. But here comes the major thing and that is people reuse the Qr code from the help of filers or the codes which are left in the center's site and which people can use it by scanning the Qr code and start spamming the fake reports which can cause the people and the system officials to monitor it and handle it in a systematic way . For this the CDC  president Tom Shimabukuro that they will be keeping the utmost care to and Handel the things in a very safe way as the simplicity of the program has many benefits unlike any other vaccine reporting system , that collects information from the people who don't directly seek medical care care centers . 

My opinion that is this can be the great move by the Vaccine regulatory controller to take care of the people who are vaccinated and at the same time they should use some kind of credentials behind every Qr code which can't be accessed by any other person other than the participant.