Image - Google photos 

Google photos will now have the feature to get the live photos of the memories . Earlier till now there is feature of Google that to have the memories of past photos at that particular date , but now there is feature in their latest update . The feature consists of live photo that too of memories which means now you can get to see the past photos in action and get to know what you did 2 or 3 years back while clicking that picture . The update is already available from 5th December itself that means the company is soon going to roll out the past updates from every mobile phones and will have to stick with this new feature and still you are unable to find update you can also manually do it from play store itself .

With this feature there comes some really bad things and that which you can find out some things from my mail but still let me explain it to you that is from 1st June 2021 onwards the company will provide default of 15gb for every Google software which includes photos and if the data size expands above we will have to pay for the space you occupy and for India it is monthly fee of ₹130 .