Kratos in Fortnite , is the thing I guess many of the PlayStation gamers were awaiting for. Kratos the God of War , Fortnite s5 underway today it is confirmed that kratos is officially be the part of this season after the avengers and many other heroic characters appearance in the game from the past season . Till today the appearance was a tumor and the breakdown of rumors were already being leaked out by the Fortnite news leaker called "HYPEX" on Twitter , but almost some hours ago Fortnite officially launched it's kratos trailer on Twitter . Kratos will be appearing that doesn't mean the character itself will be in the game kratos skin with be available in s5 I guess there will also be kratos weapons like "Leviathan Axe" and the "Fiery Blades" this will really make a huge impact on the gameplay effect and the interest of gamers on game . The character unlock will be most probably available for $20 on Fortnite shop . As kratos appearance is so obvious to happen , the GOW franchise is totally owned by Sony and recently Sony invested $250 million for the minority stake on Epic Games . This isn't over there are yet to reveal more skins and other stuff on the road to season 5 , until then it time to be the God Of Fortnite with The Kratos.