The VR Headset that has the power to handle the capacity upto 180 Hz is the only one and can be called as the phenovr of this gen Gaming world that is " PIMAX VR " . The primary capacity of the vr headset is 160Hz if upgraded you can reach up to 180 but I say even 160 is too much high that to for the vr headset some of the laptops these days don't have that much capacity that this bige hold . Earlier this year PIMAX said " knock knock your about get shellshocked " to HTC and Oculus by smashing all the crowdfunding records and goals by announcing 8k vr headset that is 4k on both eyes . And that's not all there is more left to say as there are 2 versions of headset one comes with 5k resolution and another one 8k resolution , 5k vr is powered by the GTX 1070 and the 8k vr is powered by GTX 1080ti . 

The vr has literally achieved the Field Of View (FOV) of 200 that's insane , its like combining the power of 4 to 6 HTC vives which you get in just one Headset . The company also removed the screen-door effect and avoid some motion sickness in slow motion tracking . 

The headset will soon be available for almost I guess all the country for avg. Of $749 to $850 which I would say to be the deserving and worth of spending . And you would be experiencin to getting 0 latency that will really make you feel the effect of 0 lag issues and also have a seamless Gaming experience . But there is some problems too and that is you may forget what is real and what's not .