Lenovo hints towards the new specs for Legion ( A Gaming enterprise of Lenovo ) . As we all know about the latest launch of RTX 3000 series in September 2020 , many pc component manufacturers launched their version of the card like msi , zotac , gigabyte and many other made some profit of it . With that said Nvidia also made some mobile rtx 3000 graphic cards too for laptops and many top guns used rtx 3000 for the performance boost and for selling purpose and Lenovo is one of them recently they they launched their Lenovo Thinkpad P15 powered with RTX 3000 series with Intel i9 10th gen . Legion didn't have the piece of rtx 3000 till now as rtx 3080 went off air by lacking in production . And today itself company made a big update by hinting some major boost for Legion series with some kind of cryptic message on Twitter .

Which clearly indicates us for a big update from lenovo this coming year , talking of legion big update Lenovo recently announced the latest CES 2021 on January will be totally online conferencing open to all (where you find all tech giant's new upcoming Technology for that coming year ). This hints for the legion to get it's hands on the much awaited launch of Intel's rocket lake S 11th gen processors and RTX 3080 for the lenovo's upcoming Gaming series . Not only that there are more possible updates for their upcoming hardware specs lauch for VR and AR tech so till then stay tuned .