Rtx 3070 , 3080, 3090 outperformed all other graphic cards in market . Nvidia was almost about to set a benchmark to other graphic card producers by rtx 3000 series , but now we came to know that the card will not be in market this soon until start or mid of 2021 . Nvidia launched rtx 3000 series to compete with AMD's Navi 21 Radeon RX 6000 series . 

Rtx 3000 was about to come in variant of 8gb , 10gb , and 16gb with GDDR6X  . Nvidia shouldn't have released the cards this soon of they weren't prepared as the problems caused because of the production team which were enable to produce that much cards that people demanded for so the company made it to go off air from market as Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang stated "demand will outstrip all of our supply through the year," , this means the card will not be available till 2021 . The micron is the only company that produces this so the production line just got limited and the production system is marked as poor . Now it seems like the card will be the part of substantial refresh of 2021 .