Mcdonalds the food giant has the longest chain of food supply in the world ,as of this it also has some problems with it and sometimes the food making machine can get broken or something like that , and ya this is common . A 24 year software engineer in USA once visited a branch of McDonald's and ordered the mcflurry from the touch screen of mcd but he saw that the device was showing that the ice cream making machine is broken there and the same thing happend in other branch too, which made him very furious and curious to find something which can show him wether the ice cream machine in certain branch is working or not , as it is already said situation is the mother of invention . Like the same way as he was a coding guy and like to really with softwares and apps he made a McDonald's broken ice cream machine showing map which will pre show him whether the center has broken or unbroken ice cream machine .

The green colour shows that the area has the unbroken ice cream machine and the red one shows the broken machine . As this was made with the help of data mining and some reverse engineering  by a 24  year old Rashiq Zahid USA which he made in summer july .