Winely a newly developed company established on 2018 in New Zealand right now they have expanded their company roots to a new level and now they have branches in Australia too and soon will be also in California and also in some European countries too . The company is growing fast as it has something New idea with them which is making them different from other companies and that is their winemakers can track the wine ferments using, the smart sensors they have been using it now and the major setback of the company is their labour that is getting short as less workers have to do more work which gives more work load on little amount of workers and production become less . The major plans of the company is to bring a new change in the wine making industry and that is making the whole wine making process automatic and less manual which will increase the cost efficiency too. 

Winely has interest from wineries across New Zealand, Barossa, South Australia and California. “These regions are experiencing a shortage in labour and increased pressure around improving health and safety practices.” Abbe Hyde, Winelys CTO reports, “The Northern Hemisphere vintage is just under way and we’re receiving inbound requests from wineries where only half their team has turned up to work."

“We are in discussions with strategic customers and we will be fitting out their sites in 2020 and 2021. These customers have hundreds of wineries globally.” Jacob says. After receiving many awards and many major success in plans now the company is also try to expand it globally and make the wine making process more technical and easy to make for that the company is encouraging other winemakers to participate to hold a share in to winely to make the wine process ferments intervention from the real time Data that the winely company will provide to the the other winemakers too.