Audi RS Q8 is a multi pack engine launch in india recently this past year . The 4 ringed car suv is made not only for normal roads but also for the terrain type and also for racing type , as the car is Power packed with the total horse Power of 441 kw . The car is made for 5 seater and comes with price of ₹2.50 cr . These are all just the streak peak of the car , the company is looking out for more modifications to make it more better as they are not stopping this beast to grow till this , they will be making more subordinate modified models or versions of this car . It is one of a kind SUV as it is powered with 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 engine which produces 600bhp/800Nm. The auto has 8 speed automatic engine as it is patented Quattro AWD technology which powers up all four wheels of the machine . With this auto you can reach from 0-100 kmph in just 3.8 sec and with the top speed of 250 kmph . The major tag version is Q8 and RS is added to give it a sporty name . The car has the speaker surround of B&O sound system , with led floodlights and matrix led head lights . This car is a true rival of BMW X6M