Google server goes down , on 14 December 2020 the partial service of the Google goes down . Google based services like Gmail , YouTube and Even my blogger was down for sometime it was a my stroke of luck that some how I managed to get in and made this blog right now . Google a big search engine giant just gies down for some technical crash the main reason behind this is not fully disclosed you can also check the status on the g-suite dashboard of Google . The problem is a obvious temporary and it will be resolved soon as this can really affect the competition of Google with being in many countries . There is a major system problem I say is because of the g-suite re-branding that was made pas month due to which there can be a major load on their system which really have caused some technical problem on the larger scale many people couldn't able to use their Gmail account too .  Months before Google's search console (if blog you may know search console) was also under temporary resolve and still it is under issue and Google has still not confirmed the reason for the problem . Now Google has also confirmed that this problem won't affect people's private Gmail and cloud accounts .