Google will now help android game developers to reach the popularity ,on 16th December 2020 Google android developer Twitter handle announced the update about the following good news for all the Android game developers who were still kept under rated even after developing many games . And even the Android developers made a update that they will be reaching the game to almost 2 billion Android users .

 There are some procedure to go through to launch under this Android program , first you have to sign in to the Android developer site and then you have to get started with it by uploading your made game with your own patent and may be you have to pay some bucks too I guess . You have to optimize your game to smaller size and the program also provided the support of NDK that is native programing like you can program the game with your native programing language like c, c++ .  You can even activate the game mechanics , enable the game to interact between two devices . You can also make the game optimize for the Google day dream that is the VR feature of the Google . It also allows the developers to make game from unreal , unity too. And most importantly it helps the developer to secure the game fully from piracy too. So what are you waiting for just Build ,Optimize & Launch