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Fuel for India 2020 brought to us by Facebook which will be conducted 15th and 16th December as mentioned above. Facebook announced it earlier on 11th December , as the event is about the india and its growing tech Industry and the technical development . As We all know till 2020 India was all about doing work almost manual but after the pandemic India had to change its view port from doing manually to dealing larger matters through online conferencing , this has not only led to tech development but also made people realise the true importance of "Internet" . The Internet management is the most important thing for now and forever as this internet management and the importance of the internet has made some of our India's upcoming future huge entrepreneur like Vidit Atrey ( founder of Meesho) , Mahita Nagaraj ( founder of Caremongers) and many others who will be sharing their views about their journey and the also the importance of opportunity . All that need to make this session is to bring up all the small start ups which are now started to rise and some to encourage to rise ,as this situation in all over world must have had affected the jobs of many people but also gave the hope to start something new and something own and for country like India starting up your own thing has become some kind of must . So cheer up and be the part of Facebook's session as they have mentioned it in their tweet too given below .