Image courtesy - Fitgirl

Cyberpunk 2077 challenge Fitgirl-Repacks as you can see above on the image . Fitgirl is the site which provides the crack of any kind of games till now . More than thousands of all types of games are being uploaded on the site any one can go and download the game from the site . The site has broke all kinds of records in cracking games as it has the more number of downloads than compared to a torrent site .

The site has a different kind of new facility too that they provide and that is the repack version of any game which is like you will get to download any large sized games compressed to smaller size and also the game is little optimized and lite to play on any low end pc , so is also recognized to have one of the best repack games in the world and the games on fitgirl are no-fake and pure authentic crack game this because the site has the single admin and like wise in 1337x the site is like open to upload site any one can upload their version of the crack game . Now comes the main story and that is fitgirl always stands tall while uploading any authentic crack game first they always release the game first before other torrent and crack game sites , but this time many of the sites have cracked the game and also uploaded on their sites too but Fitgirl failed to upload this "GEM" of the game , so the official cyberpunk company wrote a message to Fitgirl and challenged the site owner to upload the game if they can . " Challenge Accepted !!" by firgirl and that too they are going to upload the game today itself on 11/12/20 and that too with the game size pf 36GB that is almost half the game size of the original game . 

The grueling action between these two giants ( game maker vs game cracker ) is just like (kira vs L) from death note fun to watch with keeping many things on line .