• All new character Aruni.

• Improved characters Hibana, jager, echo

• Addition in skyscraper map.

• No drop zone

• New runout timer

• New chat features

• Gadget interaction

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, developed by Ubisoft, has become one of the top contenders in the online multiplayer shooting category. The game has seen a sudden rise in growth and players, making it one of the most popular games in its category. Rainbow 6 Siege is coming out with a new season for players called 'Operation Neon Dawn'.
The new season introduces Thai Operator Aruni, as well as an entirely reworked Skyscraper map, new accessibility features, and the Sixth Guardian Program, which will offer a limited-time bundle as-yet-announced charity.
      Aruni's gadget is Surya Gate, which is a network of lasers that can be used to trap the enemy team and slow down their progress. Aruni can set up 3 Surya Gates, that are indestructible but can be deactivated. The Surya Gate will inflict 40 damage to the players that pass through it. The Surya Gate can be deactivated for 30 seconds by shooting a projectile or drone through it.Aruni is equipped with a P10 RONI or a MK 14 EBR as her primary weapon, while her secondary firearm is a PRB 92.