Mumbai to Pune can now be just 25minutes away from your town , how? The futuristic tech called hyperloop planned by the real life Tony Stark " Elon Musk " in 2012, but made the idea an open source of interest which "Virgin" adopted the idea and started to work on it from late 2014. The project in India which was first started from Mumbai - Pune in 2016 and almost made the closure in November 2020 some delays happened due to covid outbreak . On 11th November at 2am when everyone in Mumbai and Pune were fast asleep a Pune engineer named Tanay Manjrekar who joined the hyperloop project in 2016 became the first ever man to travel in hyperloop India from pune to mumbai . 

Manjrekar was to lead the technical implementation of hyperloop's power and electronic system  using propulsion , levitation and guidance . 

Hyperloop is pod like structure vehicle which is enclosed in a vaccum tube and has the speed of 1000 km/hr . Till now the trial of first and second set in India all went right and has the capacity of 28 passenger to seat in a pod . Till now no particular time and date announcement has been done to make it's commercial use , but after the second set it is said that it will make its first commercial open to all public to travel . The project has nearly made 1.8 million people directly or indirectly to get employed . The pod vehicle of hyperloop is named as XP-2 . After the regulatory guidance approval by USA , the company is waiting for the approval of the Indian regulatory approval to make it's commercial open , other than India the hyperloop will also be starting it's open in Netherlands , USA and also many european countries . After the success of the mumbai- pune hyperloop travel the company has now made an approach to banglore airport authority (BIAL) for the feasibility study to start the project in banglore , earlier last December the company also approached punjab to open the gates of hyperloop.