Apple vs Epic still continues but this time the legal fight is about to narrow things up by the federal judge of California . As this time the judge dismisses some of Apple's counterclaims made against the game maker . For now the Epic Game's Fortnite is being totally removed from the Apple's app store. The rivalry between the Giants started from the month of August, the epic made it's in-game payment option to circumvent the Apple's monopolistic rules . 

Epic filed a motion to make the hearing in advance to Tuesday to dismissal the Apple's counterclaims as the apple said the game maker to pay all the app store fees and other damage fees in app store . As in October hearing the judge of federal court said that the apple can put the game under bar but this won't effect the the epic's game tools like unreal engine but Fortnite will get total ban in apple iOS

"This is a high-stakes breach of contract case and an antitrust case and that's all in my view," Judge Gonzalez Rogers told lawyers. 

Apple clearly stated that it really disagree the judge's rule on tuesday and Epic clearly breached the rules of apple contract . 

According to me this dispute now has no scope to talk about and guess I won't even post about this fight anymore until and unless we get a clear winner out of this Battle . But according to me I guess even though Apple wins the fight but in the real life Epic will be the real winner as it has too many scope to come up with like they will join hands with Google , Nvidia for the cloud Gaming ing which can not only played by Android and Windows user but even apple user can also play from the Google's browser itself that is Stadia . So , if I was Tim Cook then I would have threw the red scarf in between the fight because for Apple it's just lose situation and for epic it's always the wins situation either way round. Till let's see who gets the winner winner chicken dinner