Haptic Technology is the main topic of this site and Hardware for Haptic Technology is all about the real-time sense and feel of some objects which is not real but virtual. Haptic Technology can work on any of our sensory organs till now it's only working on the skin and feel the vibration and the force field of the virtual object or incidents there are a lot more to come like the Haptic of smell and taste which isn't available till now not anyone has any kind of pure knowledge on it ( But soon I'm going to make a huge post to how to enable smell haptic till now you can follow my other posts ). To know how haptic technology works you must have to have Haptic gloves and a suit. Let's move on to some questions now.

1. Hardware using haptic technology

Normally haptics is only used in the game controllers so that the user can feel the impact of the game. And till this date, the use of Haptics is only and mainly for gaming no other stream uses Haptics in major. But we can find devices like smartphones nowadays have the haptic feedback pad in them which I won't say are the best one as the smartphones are too compact structure and we can't get that feeling of Haptics which we can get from the dedicated haptic devices.

2. How to enable haptic feedback on battery save mode?

This is truly a technical question to date every device for which we use in smartphones and any Gaming device lithium-ion battery which really doesn't even have the battery overload capacity to hold the energy which itself tells that the battery is very sensitive compared to any other battery. The lead batteries are perfect to hold the energy but are not eco-friendly and are harmful to nature. And when we use the power saving mode the power saving software automatically degrades the performance of the other software which consumes a lot of energy so when we use the Haptic it really uses much power to give you the feel of the feedback. So during the power-saving mode, the device won't give you Haptic or some device will give you low-level feedbacks which isn't worth having. So according to me you won't get any good Haptic with battery save mode.

2. Low-cost haptics technology projects

The thing is Haptic is something for which you will have to spend money and make a good working Haptic model it's something like asking about a low-cost graphic card project which cannot be possible. So according to me, there is no such thing as a low-cost Haptic project but ya I can say that Haptics which they use in smartphones are low-end materials. Like in Motorola and many others out in the market.