Flying taxi or "The Air Taxi" is the startup by the German company called Lilium is now going to make a setup in U.S.A. near Orlando making available for almost 20 million Floridians . The taxi can fly and cover upto 300 kms that too in single hour . 

The flying Taxi doesn't need any specific runway to fly, and the port where the taxi will make a stay is named as vertiport as the taxi flies vertically to cover distance. The company wants to set its first port at Nona lake near Orlando , where the Orlando futuristic city is going to be built near the international airport .

The startup is just 5 year old now and has nearly $375 million investors funding in it . This project is their 2nd project and the first was in Germany's Duesseldorf the capital of Germany's well known state north Rhine - Westphalia

According to the company the taxi fair  will be as same as of uber and other taxi services that too the flight won't have any runway so they will have a sustainable power use . The taxi is totally based on electric with 36 electric engines . And the most important thing is that the vehicle is more safer than compared to helicopter . The vehicle comprises of 5 seater space , as the the hub project setup in U.S. will be taking place from year 2025 .