Apple is still not done with make you surprise , you might have already seen the full event in past week all the reveals they did . Form the past 2 months they have been doing many new reveals for all the iPhone iOS users out there , but there is still a shot left to reveal till the end of this upside down year . So the company is coming up for their Christmas surprise as it is being revealed by a tipster on Twitter called l0vetodream (down below).

Last year the company gave all the apple card user a 6% cash back offer under the Christmas Eve and like the same they would also make something for this year Christmas too. What will it be ? Is a question may another cash back kind of offer for all apple users , or the reveal of most awaited airtag and air pod studio which we thought would get revealed last week but didn't happen. But we can't be fully sure with this the airpod studio can also be revealed next year and the company wants it to get it's debut on a grand stage when everything gets normal anything can happen we can only say never say never till then .