Vr the virtual reality that is the biggest market ongoing and has a large scope in future , there are many other things too get unveil for vr and yet to get it up in market . To make it possible the industry needs a real work force and some brainstorms to make it real good and quick . There are many assumption of VR being fully made by ai and also automated by ai if that happens we don't know what all things can happen . For now we have some questions to answer for  real .

1. I want to setup VR games in mall

Why to setup your game in mall when you have some really good platforms online to sell and setup for eg. Steam , Facebook games can be the good showcase to setup your games in future . Even though want to set it up in mall , will have to enquir the mall manager or the game section head to showcased you game , as some branded malls like Walmart and etc just test the game first and if it's worth I they will showcase . By the way Steam won't do those and also super easy to setup the game online with best marketing and top sells . 

2. If we buy s.chand books from shop do we get virtual reality gear

No , they won't . Why would anyone book publisher sell free vr gears with their book .

3. Can virtual reality overpower humans ?

It is always imagined and said that in near future there can be a world war in which the machines and robots will be going one on one against the humans , but this can be possible because of the growing AI but when it comes to vr , it doesn't have any AI and also it is not any robot that can attack or think , actually it can be helpful for us to imagine more and create more New things . But the interesting things comes here and that is VR is going to deduct other technology use . With the growing tech industry new technology in vr will also ultimately grow which will led to use of vr much more then the other tech. For eg. With the help of xr i.e. extended reality the (branch of vr ) new tech can be created first visually with the visual tools and the. Can be created it in real world . Which will reduce the work of robot labor in factories and industries . With the help of mr i.e. mixed reality you can easily identify things simply on the lens of your eyes which will reduce the work and use of guide machines and robots . And much more use can be done from the help of growing VR branch . 

4. You have any ideas for virtual reality Ring Phone

As we can see a ring phone is just big and look like a normal ring which has a processor and tiny screen which shows time and that's it . But the most important thing that comes is the connectivity the ring phone can also made to connect to you phone e of of you want if not you can also receive calls from the ring it self but if you have some other work you can also connect the ring with the phone through Bluetooth . But I say a normal Bluetooth can only use to connect phones but if you want vr then you.must have minimum of Bluetooth 3.0 or a NFC connector to both the device . In this the ring must have little better processor to Handel the vr process in it remotely . The company can hang up with the ARM processor makers to help them to design a good RISC based architecture processors for the ring phone . Now come down the vr part that is you have to connect your vr with the PC through your Bluetooth 3.0 and run ring phone capable vr apps through the help of the pc or can also use phone with nfc . The only thing here is the app which you will use on pc or mobile will all be handled and processed by your ring phone 's processor itself . And other method to make it look more futuristic is to have the holographic projections coming out from the ring screen to control vr and other  processor, but according to me it's not a good thing as it will not be that flexible to use but it will be handy . But the holographic ring will also cost more than compared to the earlier normal ring phone .