Apple will also be leading in the project of building  6G . In the latest reports by The Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solution aka ATIS on 15th of November it is officially announced that apple will be the part of the 
Project for making next generation mobile technology that is non other than 6G .

The ATIS formed a group for backing up from United States and Canadian operators like Ericson , Nokia and many others . The main motive of doing this is to focus on North America and to make it the leader of 6G technology .

"Designed to set the foundation for a vibrant marketplace for North American innovation in future generations of mobile technology, the Next G Alliance is named after its primary goal: to establish North American preeminence in the 5G evolutionary path and 6G development," ATIS said in a statement.

There are many other leading tech Giants along with apple , like Google, LG, VMware , Charter, HP, Intel , keysight and many other too. On 16th November they had their first conference in San Francisco.