Google maps has some new updates coming up with the g-suite re-branding , now Google will also give some major updates with Google maps . Which will you really take you out of some crowded places to keep you safe from virus spread , by showing some indications on the screen . Google assistant will be enabled while driving which was added before but rolled out . Now they are coming up with a strong updates you can change your music track from the voice control . Google assistant for driving was brought up for Android in 2019 but rolled out soon in many Android devices . The mode offers voice control on the phone calls , music , Google navigate ,  and many other things while keeping the eyes on the road . According to Google the notifs will be controlled through popups on the Google maps . 

Google has made main updates for covid awareness to keep you out of the crowded regions , to avoid it you will get the alternative route to pass the certain area . It will also show you about the covid stats in a certain region how much the area is being affected and many other things realetd to covid awareness to people who travel . It will also now show the real-time package or parcel delivery location tracker . And right time to choose an order . It will also show you to keep you mask over your face to wash your hand the right way to sanitize your hand and belongings.