Sony the japanese tech giant has teased to it's new release of drone camera on their official site . The release of the drone cam. Is claimed to launch on spring 2021 . It's like always Sony looks for the latest trend and now it is trying to enter the drone market , nowadays the drones are more popular for content creators and vloggers to take high length shots from above and many things . The company has given its new brand name for the device "Airpeak" .  According to the company the camera uses the AI Technology to take the angles in different directions and the camera will help the creators to create the contents in a very high quality and it will be very flexible to use and it will provide all facility as much it can to produce a good content . It has also image sensing capabilities to take good shots and it is also made such a way that it can also be used to create professional videos and films kind of shots . It can also clash with the popular drone creators dji drones from china but it feels like sony has much more power to take dji out of league . The company has till now just traded the launch no price reveal has been done yet . The former is under review state and it will go on till spring 2021 of it's release month as they don't want to compromise the time to make their new gadget fire out in market . A sneak peak provided by sony also available in their official site down here 

Credits - Sony Airpeak