A new malware has been confirmed yesterday by the Cyber security firm Kaspersky . The malware named as Ghimob is really kind of a new character malware which really make you remind of the Ultimate marvel comic villain "The Task Master" . The malware can enter from any way like through a certain app if you download it from browser so it is strictly advised that you should only download such apps which are featured on Google playstore . The malware enters by the name of WhatsApp and other Google apps and updates and when it enters the device it starts to replicate the original apps with the infected and venomous apps which will look the same but it isn't . Now it is also found that the malware can also enter through emails . The scary and worst thing here is the malware can easily replicate almost 153 famous apps of Google play store which includes many banking apps and the most main thing here is it can also replicate login pages which means the page where you enter all your bank details will be on the infected page and as soon as you click enter the hacker will automatically get all the details and Boom your millions of bucks can magically turn into zeros . The Ghimob malware is a full-fledged spy malware and it is only found in android phones till now and has made many victims in just time . Countries like UK , Brazil , India , US and many parts of Europe has been the victim of this vicious malware . The malware sometimes delete all other apps and suddenly can switch off phones and don't know what it can do .