Apple is just on the tip of their toe to make a really big blast by taking a paradigm shift in performance . As earlier said that on 10th November 2020 there is a another  event and  one more reveal to come and this can also be their first Mac that will run on their own designed apple processors. As we all know till 2005 apple used to manufacture their own processors and graphics to their Mac until Intel came to join hands with them . The strategy of designing their own processors for the iPhone has been successful run some past decade . But when it comes to producing mac with other chipset rather than using intel is whole new thing to any laptop producer . Till 2005 apple use to use it's apple architecture but that doesn't meet the need of making power PCs so they had to relinquish their process to Intel  . The processor architect Intel made such processor that not only satisfied apple need but also meet all kind of performance target that the company wanted to have to produce a power pc , by this time apple didn't had any issue and were stable with the architect but now they were looking out for some more handy and that can meet the performance they want to produce a silicon Mac and for this the company has join hands with the ARM , ARM has some really successful production in powerful processors but the only thing is it has only produced it for mobile like snapdragon but has never entered the territory of producing laptop processors . On one hand the company has Intel which has really good reputation of making processors for PCs and laptops and also tested well, and on other hand they have a powerful ARM but hasn't ever used in laptops for much . So this can be really different game and also challenge to fullfil all the needs and performance they want to provide in this Mac version . So let's find it out . In less then 6 hours the event is going on air to find all the possible which I said till now just tune into the live event .