PS5 is around the corner to release and many of the biggest AAA title of 2020 is already released and some big names in Gaming, streaming and tech industry like Radbrad , Linus tech tips , Austin Evans already made many videos on ps5 on YouTube and you can also check them out for the practical look of the console . Game's like assassin's Creed Valhalla already released and I find pretty realistic than pc though . And now there are some questions that people want on Google and answer it 

Is ps5 accessories is enough for live stream?

As said before the all new PlayStation is a very High end device futuristic and a future prof gaming gadget and it has all kind of service that you can you will get not only to stream but also to play , vr all on literally hd+ quality with 60 fps minimum but the only thing that come here is that all the components the company provides , you will have to buy them all seperately as there are components like hd webcam , ps5 headphones and mic and these cost different and seperately so if you have to stream with your face cam on you have to spend some more bucks with the console not like Xbox one .

The  detail of price will be provided in next question .

Is ps5 accessories is enough for live stream?

Now We all know the ps5 has many different components to make it a totally built setup and to make it you will have to spend more money other than the console like the joystick , hd camera , pulse 3d headset , charging station and even ps5 have 2 different models one is the digital one which costs less than the Blu-ray version .

The detail pricing 

PS5 Blu-ray  - $ 499

Ps5 digital - $ 399

Dual sense controller - $60 

Charging station - $ 30

HD camera - $60

Pulse 3d headphones - $159

Remote control - $ 30 

Ps5 vertical stand - $ 24

So that's all for the official pricing of the ps5 .

What is play of head form with ps5 liner?

The play of head is nothing but the ps5 vr support according to me as mentioned above that the ps5 console has many components and you have to buy them seperately and earlier in the report it is said that the ps5 will definitely support the vr but you will have to buy a vr dock seperately that will help you not only to play the vr game on headset but also to stream what you are playing over the vr headset .